List of A.D. Police (1999) Episodes

A.D. Police (1999)

Other name: A.D. Police (1999)


In MegaTokyo, the year is 2027, six years before the Knight Sabers make their appearance. Boomers (artificial humans) are still a relatively new invention, and their adoption and assimilation into society is still a bit shaky at best, and at worst, lethal. However, if a boomer event occurs, the Advanced Police, a special squad trained to deal with boomer crimes, is dispatched. Leon McNichol is a rookie in the AD Police, and he is only now beginning to be exposed to the atrocities and tragedies that can be found in MegaTokyo on a daily basis. He and his seasoned companion, Gina Marceau, gradually come to understand the ever-fading line that separates man from machine.