List of A3 Season Autumn and Winter Episodes

A3 Season Autumn and Winter

Other name: A3 Season Autumn and Winter


After the Summer Troupe's performance, Izumi Tachibana must now recruit five members for the Autumn Troupe, the next sub-troupe. Banri Settsu, a talented but boastful jack of all trades; Juuza Hyoudou, a stone-faced delinquent passionate about acting; Taichi Nanao, a man looking to impress girls through the stage; Omi Fushimi, a college student, amateur photographer, and adept cook; and Sakyou Furuichi, a yakuza member with a past connection with the Mankai Company; and Omi Fushimi, a college But, with the lack of coordination and many dangers to the show's success, Izumi learns the ensemble may be more difficult to manage than she had anticipated. How will she be able to bring them together in time for their debut?