List of A3! Season Spring and Summer Episodes

A3! Season Spring and Summer

Other name: A3! Season Spring and Summer


Veludo Way, which attracts individuals interested in witnessing professional performers, is home to a plethora of street acts and shows. Izumi Tachibana arrives at the venue where her father ran the once-popular Mankai Company after receiving a mysterious letter, only to discover that the building is ready to be repurposed due to excessive debt. She persuades the debt collector to give the group another chance at the last minute. He agrees on three conditions: their premiere show must be produced successfully by the end of the month, the four all-male sub-troupes must be reinstated, and the debt must be paid off within a year. To top it off, Izumi must take over as director. With no time to waste, Izumi swiftly assembles a group of five people.