List of Accel World Infinite Burst Episodes

Accel World Infinite Burst

Other name: Accel World Infinite Burst


The plot begins with a 40-minute summary of the anime television series, narrated by Kuroyukihime. The scene then shifts to a new figure at what appears to be a gym. She was taken to the hospital after an accident. Nega Nebulus and Great Wall are fighting two Burst Linkers in a territory conflict. Sky Raker and Ardor Maiden are fighting against two Burst Linkers. In the meantime, Scarlet Rain and Blood Leopard are facing many Linkers. The scene changed once more to a fight between Silver Crow and Ash Roller. The leaders of each Legion were revealed to be Black Lotus and Green Grandee. But, before they could even fight, a massive storm blew in, destroying the Battle Field and cutting off all communications.