List of Ali Baba to 40-hiki no Touzoku Episodes

Ali Baba to 40-hiki no Touzoku

Other name: Ali Baba to 40-hiki no Touzoku


A film made to commemorate Toei's 20th anniversary. A kid descended from the leader of the thieves who perished in the 1001 Nights joins forces with 38 cats and a mouse to reclaim his rightful fortune from Ali Baba XXXIII, Ali Baba's descendent who now rules the land with an iron fist. This is a flip of the original story's good man/bad guy roles! This picture is one of Toei's most rollicking and action-packed, and is in an absurdly cartoonish style that breaks the Toei mold (perhaps unsurprisingly for a film directed by Hayao Miyazaki). It features a stellar cast of animators, including Yasuji Mori, Akira Daikubara, and others.