List of Aoi Hitomi no Onnanoko no Ohanashi Episodes

Aoi Hitomi no Onnanoko no Ohanashi

Other name: Aoi Hitomi no Onnanoko no Ohanashi


The narrative is set in a town in the southern Japanese prefecture of Kchi during World War II, where, despite the deaths and injuries among the villagers' family, the notion of Americans and British people as "brutes" has taken hold. Eiko, an elementary schoolgirl from Yokohama, is sent to this village. Eiko has blue eyes thanks to her American father, and her peers make no attempt to stop tormenting her. Even the instructors, with the exception of Eiko's homeroom teacher Akiko, see Eiko in the same light as the youngsters. Kenta, on the other hand, looks at Eiko with more interest than animosity.