List of Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge Episodes

Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge

Other name: Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge


Things get a whole lot crazier by the banks of the mighty Arakawa just when you think they couldn't get much weirder. Rec, Nino, and the rest of the riverside inhabitants return, and the insanity is turned up to eleven...thousand with the advent of a new batch of crazies. Rec now has to deal with a sci-fi fan who believes he's a captain in the Earth Defense Force, and the less said about the Amazon woman who lives upstream with her demonic "female" Amazon followers, the better. Rec also has to deal with concerns like love expression, media preoccupation, weight loss and gain, beach parties, haunted mansions, interplanetary travel, and the ever-present fear of global thermonuclear war.