List of Ballroom e Youkoso Episodes

Ballroom e Youkoso

Other name: Ballroom e Youkoso


Tatara Fujita is a quiet eighth-grader with no specific plans for the future. He's managed to get by in life by avoiding conflict and fitting in with the crowd. However, blending in isn't enough to keep him out of trouble, as he is harassed for money by some bullies. Fortunately, a man named Kaname Sengoku comes to his rescue. Tatara is invited to Kaname's dance studio. Tatara is intrigued by Sengoku's imposing demeanor, despite the fact that he would typically never set foot in such a location. When Tatara is given the opportunity to dance alongside fellow classmate Shizuku Hanaoka, who frequently practices at the studio, he discovers that there's something about being in the spotlight and dancing in front of people that keeps him going back.