List of Baoh Raihousha Episodes

Baoh Raihousha

Other name: Baoh Raihousha


An nefarious organization, Doress, has implanted a parasite known as Baoh in the brain of an innocent young man named Ikuroo. When he gets into danger, the parasite makes him practically immortal and gives him the ability to morph into a terrifying beastie. Doress intended to use him in some type of ruse for financial gain, world dominance, or something similar, but while transferring him on a train, a young psychic girl named Sumire (who is being detained by the organization owing to her talents) lets him free, and the two escape together. Dr. Kasuminome, of course, is the crazy scientist behind the whole Baoh affair, and he isn't about to let his test subject get away without a fight, and he has a lot of resources (including some superpowers).