List of Candidate for Goddess Episodes

Candidate for Goddess

Other name: Candidate for Goddess


Humanity has expanded and colonized other planets in the future. Then, an alien species known as Victim attacks the human colonies, leaving only one planet, Zion, standing. In order to prevent Victim from destroying the last planet, the GOA training school is established to gather boys from the Zion colonies and train them to be pilots of the Ingrids, also known as the Goddesses, five fighting robots that protect Zion. The boys must have both a rare blood type, EO, and a special ability, EX. When Zero (Candidate 88) falls into the cockpit of the Ingrid Eeva-Leena, he has just arrived in GOA. Because the synch between the pilot and Ingrid is so delicate, everyone believes the Goddess will kill Zero in order to synch.