List of Comic Girls Episodes

Comic Girls

Other name: Comic Girls


Kaoruko "Chaos" Moeta is a young manga artist who is struggling. She wants to make a manga about high school girls, but her storyboards are boring, her art is uninspired, and her ideas are poor. Her worried, irritated editor has an idea: force Chaos to be more sociable. So, on her advice, Chaos goes into a hostel for female manga artists. Tsubasa Katsuki, a shounen manga artist; Ruki Irokawa, who creates sexual comics popular with women; and Koyume Koizuka, a shoujo artist who, like Chaos, has yet to be serialized, are among the other inmates she encounters. Chaos quickly strikes up a connection with these females, finding fresh inspiration for her comics and expanding her creativity. Comic Girls is a collection of female comic book characters.