List of Cromartie High School Episodes

Cromartie High School

Other name: Cromartie High School


Takashi Kamiyama is your normal mild-mannered high school student—polite, distant, and pacifistic, with a slightly higher-than-average IQ. But would the ordinary high school student enroll at the famed Cromartie High School, which is recognized as a breeding ground for the hardest delinquents? Takashi appears to think so, as it is precisely what he does, albeit for reasons he'd rather not discuss. One thing is certain: the "hard-boiled rabbit in a lair full of ravenous lions" will never have a dull day again. And how could he, surrounded by mohawked punks, noisy robots, and... gorillas? And was it Freddie Mercury galloping down the corridor on a horse? Follow Takashi as he dedicates his new high school life to making his school better.