List of Delicious Party Precure Episodes

Delicious Party Precure

Other name: Delicious Party Precure


The kingdom of CooKingdom is in charge of all gastronomy across various planets. The kingdom's priceless treasure, the Recipe-Bon, is kidnapped by a gang of phantom thieves known as the "Phantom Bundle Gang," whose goal is to dominate all cooking in the globe by capturing the Recipepe, miniature culinary fairies who symbolize every cuisine in the planet. As a result, three Energy Fairies from the kingdom were sent to the human world in the town of Oishiina Town, where one of them met a 13-year-old girl named Yui Nagomi and her friends, Kokone Fuwa and Ran Hanamichi, to become Pretty Cures in order to stop the Phantom Bundle Gang from capturing all the Recipepe and reclaiming the Recipe-bon.