List of Detroit Metal City Episodes

Detroit Metal City

Other name: Detroit Metal City


Detroit Metal City (DMC) is a prominent death metal band recognized for its captivatingly dark and nasty sound that rules the world of independent music. Its grandiose lead vocalist, Johannes Krauser II, is notably famed as a demonic monster who has risen from the boiling bowels of hell itself in order to bring the earth to its knees and reign over all mortals—or so he claims. Krauser II, unbeknownst to his numerous devotees, is really the alter ego of an ordinary college graduate called Souichi Negishi. Despite the fact that he is a soft-spoken, peace-loving man who would rather listen to Swedish music all day, he is forced to attend DMC's flamboyant performances in order to make ends meet. Negishi's amusing antics are chronicled in Detroit Metal City.