List of Diamond no Ace OVA Episodes

Diamond no Ace OVA

Other name: Diamond no Ace OVA


The Seidou High School baseball team consists of one hundred lads, all of whom are passionate about baseball. The Ace is the game's star on any team. Other than the main heroes, others are vying for this position, and each of them has their own set of strengths, flaws, and emotional journeys to take in order to become the greatest that they can be. Ryousuke Kominato, despite his diminutive stature, is recognized in Seidou not just for his remarkable fielding abilities but also for his frightening personality. While he and his teammate, Youichi Kuramochi, provide the backbone of the team's defense on the field. Youichi is stalked by his younger brother, Haruichi, whose adoration for Ryousuke is equaled only by his own abilities at the game.