List of Digimon Adventure Tri. Episodes

Digimon Adventure Tri.

Other name: Digimon Adventure Tri.


For the past three years, the door to the Digital World has been locked. Taichi Yagami and his buddies have since gone on, and now that he is in his second year of high school, he must mature. Taichi, on the other hand, is unclear of what he wants to accomplish with his life. Meanwhile, as everyone follows their separate ways, the group becomes increasingly disjointed. Kuwagamon, a renegade insectoid Digimon, appears one day and ruins electronics throughout the city. Taichi foolishly pursues it, only to be surrounded by the attacking Digimon. Suddenly, the Digivice he is still carrying lights, and Agumon emerges. A Digivice is a digital gadget that serves a variety of functions, including assisting one's Digimon companion in evolving.