List of Divergence Eve- Misaki Chronicles Episodes

Divergence Eve- Misaki Chronicles

Other name: Divergence Eve- Misaki Chronicles


Worns, Ryer, and the other crew members of "Watchers Nest" escape from Earth using the "Exodus Project," a long-distance warp. Misaki, who was there during the last fight with "Ghoul" at the time, is not present, and the earth transforms and becomes imprisoned by a temporal barrier before her eyes. Ryer and the others try to find a route out of this space-time maze, but the earth changes shape. Because of the shifting time axis, an infinite number of "Nows" arise. And Misaki, who, afortiori, should have vanished as a result of the Exodus Project catastrophe. Various incarnations of Misaki come before Ryer and the others. Misaki from training school, Misaki from her youth.