List of Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episodes

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera

Other name: Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera


Meet the Demon Patrol: a rambunctious demon prince, a sexy, half-naked ice princess, a passionate frog-demon spy, a talking wizard hat... as well as one small child This motley crew has been tasked with defending Earth against a swarm of demons that would love nothing more than to bring their planet tumbling down around them. They'll be pitted against a spiteful squid, a dormant kitty cat, a snake-infested pot, a night-stalking spider, a crotch-hater, and even a literal butthead! Descend into a world of pratfalls, obscene conduct, and enough obscure cultural jetsam to drown us all!