List of Dragon Ball Z Movie 2 The Worlds Strongest Episodes

Dragon Ball Z Movie 2 The Worlds Strongest

Other name: Dragon Ball Z Movie 2 The Worlds Strongest


Dr. Kochin, a biotechnology specialist, gathers the dragon balls in his laboratory in order to release his master Dr. Uirou, a mad scientist hellbent on dominating the world who is trapped in the never-melting ice of the Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains. Gohan Son and Oolong arrive to the area, attempting to discover the dragon balls, and are assaulted by multiple creatures known as "Bio-Men." Piccolo, who is training nearby, rushes to help them but is attacked by three mystery fighters. When the ice under them breaches, their argument is cut short, burying Gohan and Oolong within. After recovering consciousness, they return to Kame House, only to be confronted by Bio-Men, who demand Muten-Roushi follow them. He quickly overcomes the monsters despite his refusal, piqueing Dr. Kochin's attention. Muten-Roushi was given the notion that he was the strongest man in the world, Dr. Kochin takes Bulma hostage, forcing Roushi's agreement to accompany him in mysterious plans involving his master.