List of Dragon Ie wo Kau Episodes

Dragon Ie wo Kau

Other name: Dragon Ie wo Kau


A red dragon named Letty gets shunned by his parents in an RPG fantasy world after failing to protect their eggs. Now he must find a home for himself, but unlike other dragons, Letty is humble, fearful, and has poor stats overall. Regardless, a fragile juvenile dragon is an easy target for people who perceive him merely as a beast to be feared, conquered, and even consumed. After some time spent looking for a place to call "home," he meets the elf Dearia, who rescues him from a gang of heroes. Dearia, who is both an architect and a real estate agent, offers to assist Letty in finding the ideal home for his needs. Thus begins Letty's house-hunting adventure, as well as the adventures of all the wonderful animals.