List of Flip Flappers Episodes

Flip Flappers

Other name: Flip Flappers


Cocona is a typical middle school student who lives with her grandma. And she, who has yet to decide what she wants to achieve, soon meets a weird girl named Papika, who invites her to an organization called Flip Flap. Cocona is dragged along by the effervescent stranger into the land of Pure Illusion, a weird alternative reality, where she assists Papika in her search for crystal shards. After accomplishing their assignment, Papika and Cocona are transported to a new realm in Pure Illusion. As they are pursued by a frightening beast, the girls utilize their crystals to turn into magical females: Cocona into Pure Blade and Papika into Pure Barrier. However, while they are attempting to destroy the creature in front of them, three others with powers from a competing organization enter the fray and slaughter it.