List of Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episodes

Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Other name: Gatchaman Crowds Insight


Tsubasa Misudachi's normal existence is disrupted when a massive UFO spins above Japan and crashes into a remote countryside near Nagaoka. A gentle extraterrestrial species emerges from the spacecraft while the Gatchaman, Tachikawa City's famed defenders, monitor the adventure. Tsubasa is handed a unique high-tech notepad, or NOTE, by Gatchaman creator J.J. during the subsequent mayhem. Robinson, indicating Tsubasa's unexpected enlistment into their gang. Tsubasa gradually adjusts to life as a defender of justice under the mentorship of fellow hero Hajime Ichinose. Meanwhile, the CROWDS technology, which allows users to materialize their consciousness' into a physical form, is gaining popularity and has been backed by Prime Minister Sugayama. A mystery group known as VAPE, on the other hand, has garnered prominence.