List of Gin no Guardian 2nd Season Episodes

Gin no Guardian 2nd Season

Other name: Gin no Guardian 2nd Season


Suigin Riku, a poor student, would not be expected to attend Shinryou Private Academy, an expensive institution for affluent kids. When he isn't working one of his numerous part-time jobs to support his tuition, he can be found playing the RPG game Dungeon Century, where he has formed an online friendship. When Dungeon Century is shut down, he discovers that his crush, the sweet Rei Riku, and his online acquaintance are the same person. However, as a result of this revelation, Rei is abducted and forced into Grave Buster, a new online game created by the designers of Dungeon Century, requiring Suigin to join the harsh new world of a pay-to-win game in order to free her.