List of Gintama The Semi-Final Episodes

Gintama The Semi-Final

Other name: Gintama The Semi-Final


Gintoki discovers Shinpachi, who is still ignorant of his homecoming, on a bridge as the conflict briefly settles down and Edo rebuilds. However, when a struggle breaks out between the Yorozuya and the Tenshouin Naraku, Gintoki is forced to use what is closest to him—a loincloth—to conceal his identity. Gintoki enters the Yorozuya office, unaware that someone else is already waiting inside... Meanwhile, Kondou leaves Earth in an attempt to mend diplomatic relations by marrying Princess Bubbles. He finds he doesn't know their language after entering the Gorilla Amanto mother ship. Kondou, befuddled, attempts to converse with them, only to unwittingly garner their support. However, someone connected to the princess interrupts the ceremony. Is the wedding still going on, or has it come to an end?