List of Girls and Panzer Saishuushou Part 2 Episodes

Girls and Panzer Saishuushou Part 2

Other name: Girls and Panzer Saishuushou Part 2


Despite having the upper hand, BC Freedom High School is soundly defeated by Ooarai Girls Academy. Following their triumph, the Ooarai girls decide to take a little rest before proceeding to the next round. When the rest of the Ooarai team learned that Momo Kawashima is caring for her family while preparing for university entrance examinations, they became even more eager to win the Winter Continuous Track Cup for Momo and her family. Meanwhile, the tournament's second round has begun, and Ooarai will now play Chi-Ha-Tan Academy. Ooarai approaches their opponent in the dense jungle battlefield gently, having learnt from the first round not to underestimate their opponents. Despite their best efforts to be careful, Ooarai is promptly attacked.