List of Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episodes

Golden Kamuy Season 3

Other name: Golden Kamuy Season 3


Golden Kamuy's third season. Will Asirpa and Sugimoto ever meet again? In the cold continent of Karafuto, a fresh war for survival starts! Sugimoto and Asirpa were separated after the struggle at the jail. Kiroranke and Ogata lead Asirpa north to Karafuto, accompanied by Shiraishi, the "Escape King," in search of information about her father. Only his daughter Asirpa can solve the riddle now that Noppera-bo, the guy who stole the Ainu wealth, is dead. Kiroranke's ambition is to introduce her to his former comrades, Far-East Russian partisans. In the meantime, Sugimoto joins forces with Lt. Tsurumi and the remainder of the 7th. He and Tanigaki agree to go ahead and look for her. Tsukishima and Koito accompany them to Karafuto. What is ahead for them in the frozen lands of the North? A new battle for survival!