List of Grimms Notes The Animation Episodes

Grimms Notes The Animation

Other name: Grimms Notes The Animation


One's fate is written in the Book of Fate. These volumes, written by the enigmatic Story Tellers, decide every minor element of one's existence. Some Story Tellers, on the other hand, like to tamper with other people's stories rather than write their own. These nefarious entities are known as Chaos Tellers, and they aim to disrupt stories by erasing the Books of Fate. Blank books were born to Ex, Reina, Tao, and Shane. Because of this anomaly, they are shunned by society and left their respective tales in pursuit of a better life. They come across classic fairy tale figures such as Cinderella, Momotarou, and Snow White in the great unknown. Meanwhile, they try to subjugate the Chaos Tellers and restore order to the stories.