List of Gundam Build Fighters Episodes

Gundam Build Fighters

Other name: Gundam Build Fighters


Though Gundam Plastic Models, or Gunpla, skyrocketed in popularity upon the introduction of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, their popularity dwindled until resurfacing with a new purpose. Fans may now put their Gunpla against others in a virtual reality-style combat, with the best participating at the annual Gunpla World Tournament, thanks to the power of Plavsky particles. Sei Iori, whose father was a previous finalist in the competition, aspires to one day win the tournament himself. However, while Sei is a skilled Gunpla creator, he lacks the ability to properly engage his creations in battle. Reiji appears, a weird child who is strangely unaware of society but rapidly displays to Sei incredible aptitude in Gunpla combat. The two young men decide to combine their strengths in order to sweep the Gunpla World Tournament and take the Gunpla world by storm.