List of hackGU Trilogy Movie Episodes

hackGU Trilogy Movie

Other name: hackGU Trilogy Movie


Based on the HIT GAME CyberConnect2, now available as a CG Movie! The film will be included in each.hack/G.U. narrative. trilogy of games Haseo is a character in the online MMORPG The World:R2 who is initially shown as a PKK (Player Killer Killer) known as the "Terror of Death," a former member of the Twilight Brigade guild. Haseo meets Azure Kite, mistaking him for Tri-Edge and blaming him for Shino's death, but he is hopelessly outmatched. Haseo is easily defeated by Azure Kite, who Data Drains him, dropping his level to 1 and removing all of his goods, weapons, and member addresses. He is left with a puzzle as to the nature of the problem.