List of Haguregumo Episodes


Other name: Haguregumo


The year is 1866, at the end of the Tokugawa period. One man couldn't care less as Japan boldly enters a new era. Kumosuke Haguregumo is a former samurai who has subsequently become the village idiot. Kumosuke, while carrying his twin-bladed katana, spends his days smoking, drinking, and womanizing, seldom returning home before dawn. His wife and two children, Shinnosuke and Ohana, remain at home, though, and are frequently bothered by Kumosuke's pranks. Shinnosuke grows up and learns to comprehend his surroundings. Shinnosuke, troubled by his father's reputation, strives to live an honorable life, however defining honor in a chaotic times is challenging. Countless other warriors are watching Shinnosuke as he navigates his connection with his father.