List of Hajime no Ippo: Rising Episodes

Hajime no Ippo: Rising

Other name: Hajime no Ippo: Rising


Makunouchi Ippo, the Japanese Featherweight Champion, successfully defended his title belt once more with the assistance of his deadly signature technique, the Dempsey Roll. However, new rivals are emerging left and right, claiming to have a response to the maneuver that has crushed his opponents. Will Ippo be able to rise to the occasion, or will the weight of his pride crush him before he discovers what it is to be strong? Meanwhile, fellow Kamogawa Gym member Aoki Masaru is only a hop, skip, and a Frog Punch away from capturing his own belt and facing off against the Japanese Lightweight Champion! Hajime no Ippo: Rising continues Ippo's journey to get stronger, with the same cast of endearing kooky characters from Kamogawa Gym.