List of Hidan no Aria AA Episodes

Hidan no Aria AA

Other name: Hidan no Aria AA


Akari Mamiya, a first-year student at Tokyo Butei High, idolizes S-rank Butei Aria Holmes Kanzaki and aspires to be like her. Despite the fact that she is merely an unskilled E-rank Butei, Akari's determination to develop is unwavering. Following the discussion of an Amica contract (a senior-student mentorship program) with Aria, Akari sends a request form in an attempt to create said arrangement. Her classmates and friends do not anticipate Aria to accept Akari's request, owing to the girl's stringent selection procedure, but to everyone's astonishment, Aria grants Akari a chance via a test, which Akari surprisingly passes! Aria, on the other hand, will not formally make Akari her Amica until she satisfies her requirements. Aria's training will not be simple, since she has a lot on her plate.