List of High School Star Musical Episodes

High School Star Musical

Other name: High School Star Musical


Yuuta Hoshitani enrolls in the elite Ayanagi Academy in search of the high school classmate who inspired him. Although the institution is well-known for generating extraordinary musical talent, students must first compete for admission to the Musical Department. The Kao Council—a group of third-year students who have a lot of power over the school and entrance into the department—is at the top of the department. The quickest option for Hoshitani to enter the department is to find a way into a Star Team, where he may be instructed by a member of the Kao Council. Hoshitani finds himself under the supervision of the Kao Council's most eccentric member after capturing the eye of Itsuki Ootori. On Team Ootori, he has a teammate named Ootori.