List of Highschool DxD Hero Episodes

Highschool DxD Hero

Other name: Highschool DxD Hero


After rescuing his master, Rias Gremory, from the Dimensional Gap, Red Dragon Emperor and aspiring Harem King Issei Hyoudou can finally resume to his high school activities with fellow Occult Research Club members Yuuto Kiba, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, and Irina Shidou. Soon after, the group departs on a school vacation to Kyoto. While quietly visiting a temple as a result of Rias' spell, an assaulting group of local youkai disrupts the serenity. When the battle is over, the club discovers that the fabled nine-tailed fox that guarded the city has been kidnapped and that they have been falsely accused of the crime. Issei and his buddies will now have to battle to safeguard the city and prevent a planned tragedy from occurring during their school vacation!