List of Hortensia Saga (TV) Episodes

Hortensia Saga (TV)

Other name: Hortensia Saga (TV)


A violent uprising in the capital headed by Duke Rugis Camellia wreaks havoc on the Kingdom of Hortensia, killing or kidnapping every member of the royal family. After his brother, Fernando Albert, is murdered in combat by a werewolf, knight Maurice Baudelaire escapes the subsequent pandemonium, barely escaping with his life. To respect his father's heritage, Maurice travels to Albert's residence and hands down his father's sword to his son, Alfred Ober. Despite his anguish, Alfred is reminded of a commitment he made with his father: to become a knight in order to preserve his home, the Albert Dominion. Alfred honed his martial abilities under Maurice's supervision in order to fulfill his pledge. Marius Casterede, an intriguing young man whose age appears to be older than his, is training with him.