List of Ingress the Animation Episodes

Ingress the Animation

Other name: Ingress the Animation


Scientists conducted an experiment in which they identified a mystery chemical that can interact directly with the human brain. This element, known as "Exotic Matter (XM)," has been around from the beginning of time, impacting human brains and the advancement of humanity. As a result of this revelation, a struggle between powerful governments and business behemoths has erupted. Organizations all around the world have begun a clandestine race to utilize XM. It is both an opportunity and a danger to mankind. Two Factions are vying for control of the XM. The power of XM is viewed as a gift by the Enlightened, as it enriches human experience and discoveries. The Resistance sees XM as a violent takeover of the human mind, with technology being chosen as humanity's greatest route ahead. XM and the mysteries around it may be found at the center of this battle for the fate of humanity.