List of Jahy sama wa Kujikenai Episodes

Jahy sama wa Kujikenai

Other name: Jahy sama wa Kujikenai


Jahy, the mighty, will not be beaten! Jahy—previously the Dark Realm's second strongest being—is under enormous stress as he fights malnutrition, a lack of A/C, and the inescapable weakness of turning child-sized. Jahy would still be living a life of power and luxury if it hadn't been for the destruction of the mana crystal that used to fuel the Dark Realm. But, for the time being, Jahy's fight with the landlady about rent is a frequent occurrence. Jahy must work part-time just to have a place to stay and food to eat. Her tremendous pride, on the other hand, will not enable her to live in such deplorable surroundings for any longer than necessary. Jahy continues her quest to restore the Dark Realm to its former splendour.