List of Kakushigoto Movie Episodes

Kakushigoto Movie

Other name: Kakushigoto Movie


Compilation film of the TV series that includes additional moments not reproduced in the television anime as well as other angles. Kakushi Gotou is a rather well-known manga artist whose works are notorious for their obscene themes. Because of his raunchiness, when his daughter Hime was born, he promised to keep his occupation concealed from her, knowing that if she found out, she would be disillusioned. This paranoid mindset propels Kakushi into perilous situations. Despite being a single parent, he does his best and sometimes goes to extraordinary measures to keep his secret hidden, such as dressing up as a salaryman every day or preparing emergency drills in case Hime makes her way to his employment. Kakushigoto depicts the story of a father and daughter growing up in Japan.