List of Kami Kuzu Idol Episodes

Kami Kuzu Idol

Other name: Kami Kuzu Idol


Yuuya, one half of the boy pop group ZINGS, may be the most sluggish performer in Japan. His partner is out there giving it his all every night (and happily, he's fairly popular), but Yuuya's half-assed, sloppy dancing and openly angry attitude toward the crowd has fans despising him and his agent looking for any excuse to let him go. A pop idol's career isn't the simple road of relaxation and adoration Yuuya thought... Yuuya encounters a girl backstage after a particularly lackluster concert performance. She's dressed to the nines in a brightly colored clothing, she's full of energy, and all she wants out of life is to perform. The only problem is that she's been dead for a year.