List of Kingdom 2 Episodes

Kingdom 2

Other name: Kingdom 2


A year after its catastrophic war with the mighty Zhao, the State of Qin has refocused its efforts on King Ying Zheng's dream of conquering the other six states and uniting China. Their next objective is Wei, a smaller kingdom that serves as a geographical stepping stone for invasion. Xin, now a three-hundred-man leader of the rapidly developing Fei Xin Unit, seeks high goals in order to gain fame for himself and his comrades, spurred by those who have died in war. In the preparatory skirmishes leading up to Qin's invasion of Wei, Xin faces competition from other young commanders of better social position than himself. Back in Qin, the royal palace is in disarray as opposing factions begin to make their move against Ying Zheng's regime.