List of Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episodes

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Other name: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu


They appeared out of nowhere: parasitic aliens that dropped on Earth and soon penetrated humans by burrowing into vulnerable victim' brains. In order to feed on unsuspecting victims, these voracious entities gain complete control of their host and can morph into a number of shapes. Shinichi Izumi, a sixteen-year-old high school student, becomes infected with one of these parasites, but it does not take over his brain, instead landing in his right hand. Because it is unable to migrate, the parasite, now known as Migi, must rely on Shinichi to survive. As a result, the duo is forced to cohabit in an unpleasant manner and must defend themselves from hostile parasites hoping to destroy this new threat to their survival.