List of Komi san wa Comyushou desu Episodes

Komi san wa Comyushou desu

Other name: Komi san wa Comyushou desu


Hitohito Tadano is an ordinary young man who sets out on his first day of high school with a clear goal in mind: to avoid problems and blend in with his peers. Unfortunately, he fails immediately away when he takes the seat next to Shouko Komi, the school's madonna. His friends now regard him as someone to avoid in order to seat next to the most gorgeous female in class. Despite her secretive character, Komi is generally liked and tremendously popular. She is beautiful and elegant, with long, black hair. However, everyone is unaware that she suffers from debilitating anxiety and a communication issue, which prevents her from fully mingling with her peers. When Komi is left alone in the classroom, a series of circumstances pushes her to communicate with Tadano through writing.