List of Kuragehime Episodes


Other name: Kuragehime


Tsukimi Kurashita has been enamored with jellyfish since her late mother introduced her to an aquarium when she was a child, comparing their flowing tentacles to a princess's white gown. Tsukimi, a 19-year-old social misfit who lives with five other jobless otaku women, spends her days as a social outsider dreaming of becoming an illustrator. However, her life is drastically changed when a lovely woman suddenly assists her in saving a jellyfish in a local pet store. From then on, the stranger—confident, trendy, and the polar opposite of Tsukimi and her roommates—begins to visit the girls' building on a regular basis. This stylish hipster, despite she appears shallow at first, has her own secrets, beginning with the fact that "she" isn't really a female at all, but rather a rich guy.