List of Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi OVA Episodes

Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi OVA

Other name: Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi OVA


Hikikomori Katagiri Kanade slept in her room most of the time. Her strong imagination, which frequently results in a variety of bizarre delusions, is her expertise. In her dream one night, a strange cowboy man claimed to be the hero of her heart. Kanade was inspired by him to attempt getting a haircut the next day. She then encountered a mysterious man who gave her a haircut in the park, giving her the confidence to go back to school. After getting her hair cut, a man approaches Kanade who turns out to be Sudou Yukio, a former classmate. He was glad to see Kanade again because she used to like him back then. Kanade resides with Sonomura Ikuto, her unrelated brother.