List of Kyokou Suiri Episodes

Kyokou Suiri

Other name: Kyokou Suiri


Youkai ghosts live in the world, hidden in plain sight. While the majority are harmless, a subgroup poses a threat to the fragile peace between youkai and mankind. Kotoko Iwanaga has worked as a mediator between the two realms, addressing any supernatural difficulties that have arisen since she accepted to become their "God of Wisdom." Kotoko approaches Kurou Sakuragawa, a university student whose long-term love ended in a sad split, at a nearby hospital. Kotoko has affections for him and feels that something otherworldly lies behind his innocent exterior, so she approaches Kurou for help in assisting youkai. Two years later, stories of an icon being crushed to death by steel beams inundated the media. However, sightings began to decline months later.