List of Lapis Re LiGHTs Episodes

Lapis Re LiGHTs

Other name: Lapis Re LiGHTs


Tiara, a princess from the realm of Waleland, travels to Mamkestell to study at a prominent institution for individuals who perform magic, such as herself. Tiara reunites with her childhood friend Rosetta, who is also a student there, after passing a test to verify her eligibility. Tiara then joins and meets Rosetta's group, which includes the athletic Lavie, the dependable Ashley, and the scholarly Lynette, all of whom she instantly befriends. Students at this university are assigned to one of three groups depending on their test scores: group Noir is the highest, followed by Rouge and Lapis. Tiara's group is ranked Lapis, and failing while ranked Lapis will result in banishment. Tiara, seeing their critical condition, begs everyone to begin taking their activities seriously.