List of Last Exile Ginyoku no Fam Episodes

Last Exile Ginyoku no Fam

Other name: Last Exile Ginyoku no Fam


"I've decided! I'm going to hijack that ship!" The Grand Lake is the wellspring of all life. The conflict between the Ades Federation and the Turan Kingdom has just begun at this extremely sacred lake. The Ades Federation launches war on the Turan Kingdom, equipped with huge warships and intent on conquering the planet. Turan is on the verge of collapse as the Federation's armies approach on their cherished homeland. The princesses of Turan are watching as a little vanship named Vespa sails above their heads. "We will now seize your flagship and transport her away from this battlefield; the option is yours: die here or join us Sky Pirates!" The Vespa keeps weaving.