List of Lupin III Elusiveness of the Fog Episodes

Lupin III Elusiveness of the Fog

Other name: Lupin III Elusiveness of the Fog


Lupin is searching for a treasure on the ocean floor once more in an effort to win over Fujiko. People surrounding the gang start to inexplicably disappear as Zenigata pursues them on land and at sea. Mamo Kyosuke, who claims to be from the future and is seeking vengeance on Lupin III for what Lupin XIII did to him, comes in a flash of light as the fog closes in. 500 years in the past, while two rival factions battle for control of a fabled shrine dedicated to time travel, Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Zenigata are launched by Mamo. To protect his future, Lupin must figure out how to survive the past.