List of Magatsu Wahrheit Episodes

Magatsu Wahrheit

Other name: Magatsu Wahrheit


Rumors of a returning calamity known only as the "light" raise a stir among the inhabitants of the technologically and magically sophisticated Wahrheit Empire. Meanwhile, in the Empire's capital, transporter Innumael Grauer makes his daily deliveries, fighting to support himself and his sister. While commuting to work, Leocadio Wöhler, a freshly joined soldier, aids Innumael, mistakenly carrying a suspicious cargo containing illicit artillery belonging to a criminal group. Innumael is suspected of smuggling the cargo and faces death as a result of the Empire's rigorous control over weaponry in reaction to the escalating chaos. However, unbeknownst to him, the exact syndicate that put him in this horrible situation may be able to help him, at least briefly. Leocadio is given his first assignment elsewhere.