List of Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White Episodes

Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White

Other name: Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White


Some females are disturbed when boys are suddenly permitted to enter locations where they have never gone before. As a result, when the decision is made to merge the exclusive Yuihime Girls' Private Academy with the coeducational Kagamidai Private Academy, everyone wishes to take additional precautions to avoid any problems while bringing the two Privates together. As a result, rather than introducing the Kagamidai lads into the Yuihime girls' school all at once, a strategy is devised in which a group of test men would be introduced into the Girls' Private Academy first. As a result, poor little Shingo is tossed as a sacrifice victim to the lionesses of Yuihime, who aren't exactly welcoming him with open arms. Will Shingo get it out of the estrogen-soaked death pit alive?